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      At Qureshi's, your purchase is not the end of our relationship - it is the start. We look after your carpet for life. Contact out team of professionals, who are there to help you. Read More
      When is a carpet not just a rug to cover the floor? When it is an investment, of course. Yet few real collectors of carpets will mention dollars and cents when describing their acquisitions. Read More
      The best place to find more out about handmade carpets is at a professional specialist retailer like Aslam's. It may be best to avoid buying at auctions. Read More


Aslam Qureshi

I’m Singaporean by birth and the last of a family of four. Close to 60 years ago, I took my first infant steps on Persian carpets. The love for carpets came with ‘’mother’s milk’’ and during my entire upbringing, I have been surrounded by carpets on walls and floors. No wonder that at an early stage of my life, I decided to follow in my father’s footsteps.

Carpet knowledge is a fascinating evolution and whilst individual taste of course vary, - quality cannot be argued and or challenged! And this is where I can make an important difference and with 50 years of daily experience, I’m always able to tell the difference and advise my clients accordingly.

I know the greatest carpet weavers by name, and during my many travels, I have met many and exchanged experiences. I’m in a position to explain and point out what makes a carpet great, - perhaps the maker, design,  rarity, color scheme, density of knots etc., - and  why a certain carpet may represents a long term solid investment.

Why have I decided not to sell commercial carpets nor copies of particularly Persian silk carpets? For the inexperienced eye, copies may look attractive, - but they are frankly speaking carpets without a soul, like any other mass produced product. And it is 100% certain that they will never appreciate, - on the contrary and furthermore the durability is limited!

I want your carpet to tell a story and I want you to be proud of having a unique and 100% genuine handmade carpet on your floors, which is not only a visual delight, but represent an investment you will look after and cherish!   




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